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Best Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Boston

Best Nightlife in Boston

Boston is a treasure trove of American history, and there is arguably no better city to visit to learn about the founding of the nation and its fight for independence. During the day you can check out the Freedom Trail, which guides you through sixteen of the city’s most historic sites. Along with other exciting and fun things, such as the New England Aquarium, Art Museums, and beautiful public gardens. Not only does Boston offer exciting things during the day, but the nightlife also offers many great experiences to be had.

From some of the fanciest restaurants to rooftop bars and nightclubs, Boston offers some of the best nightlife in the USA. In this blog, we have compiled a list of some of the best nightlife in Boston to enjoy a great night.

You can get a quick view of our sampling through the below slides, or read through the following comprehensive list.

Top 20 Best Nightlife in Boston

A quick note, if you’re planning on using public transportation, know that the last trains have relatively early hours. So before you head out, make sure you decide how you’re going to get back to your hotel or vacation rental. You don’t want the early train hours ruining an enjoyable night out. Once you have that out of the way, enjoy some of our picks to have a great night out.

1.  Big Night Live

Considered as Boston’s luxury music hall, Big Night Live doesn’t disappoint. Providing a nightlife experience like no other, with its decor paying tribute to the romance of music halls of the past. Capable of accommodating up to 2000 guests, and offering luxurious VIP rooms to give you the best view of the show. You can order a drink from one of their three bars, then take your seat and have a memorable live music experience. Make sure you book online in advance so that you are guaranteed a place inside this popular joint.

2.  Bijou

Bijou - Nightlife in Boston

In contrast to Big Night Live, the Boston Bijou Theater is more than a century old. Even after 138 years of its existence, the theater, also a popular nightclub, attracts partygoers from all over the city. Situated in Boston’s Theater District, it offers the best selection of music, artists, and DJs, making it a go-to destination for those looking for a great night out during the weekend.

3.  Memoire

Memoire’s opening night was filled with a bang, as it featured performances from some of the most popular DJs. And this line-up of star-studded musicians has continued ever since. Here you will get a piece of Vegas, as the club is owned by those in charge of the renowned Wynn Resorts. While it doesn’t accommodate as many guests as some of the other popular destinations, it won’t disappoint in providing an unforgettable experience.

4.  The Grand

If you are staying close to the Seaport district, you need to experience the luxurious ambiance of The Grand. Having hosted the likes of Drake, along with other famous names, The Grand makes it their goal to give you a real VIP experience. The exquisite decor, premium sound system, and custom light technology will elevate your standard of what a night out should be. Reserve your table online in advance, but know this experience won’t come cheap.

5.  Icon

The Icon is another gem in Boston’s Theater District, with its 7,000 square foot space fashioned by well-known interior designer John Stefanon. It offers partygoers one of the best experiences of Boston nightlife with its over-the-top lighting and sound systems. Icon is a popular weekend night destination for lovers of hip-hop, house, and Latin music.

6.  Royale

Royale, formerly known as Roxy, is another famous spot for experiencing nightlife in Boston. It is one of the largest clubs in the city, with the capability of entertaining some of the largest audiences. Hosting nationally recognized DJs and music acts that attract partygoers from all corners of Boston. The experience is further enhanced by the helpful staff, the elegant decor, comfortable seating, and one of the best sound systems.

7.  Good Life

Good Life

Good Life is one of the older venues in Boston. It continues to be a popular nightlife destination among locals and tourists. Like every other popular nightclub, Good Life offers music mixed by some of the best DJs. What makes it such a popular destination is its array of varying genres of music. For instance, if hip-hop or electro-music isn’t your thing, then slip down to the lounge for a more intimate setting. 

8.  Venu

Be prepared to loosen your wallet when you visit Venu, but the price is well worth the experience. Being named the most sought-after nightclubs in Boston, Venu hosts events every Friday and Saturday. Featuring hip hop, top 40, Latin, and dance music, so make sure to book a table online and arrive early, dressed to impress.  

9.  Tunnel

Tunnel is a popular nightclub with a unique location. Situated underground in the basement of the W Hotel, its futuristic design is amplified by the sleek decor and vibrant lightning. Tunnel prides itself in its lighting system, made up of 3,600 custom LED lighting fixtures. These lights synchronize perfectly with the music, as every night the light engineer partners with the DJ to give an incredible experience. Come with your friends and enjoy the drinks and music.

10.  Empire

A stone’s throw away from the Boston Convention Center, Empire covers an impressive fourteen thousand square foot space. The imperial Chinese design offers an exquisite setting for a quiet date night or group dinners. The stunning ambiance is further complemented by a delicious Pan-Asian menu. This venue is divided into nine different spaces capable of seating up to 600 guests on any given night. Make sure to book in advance, as it fills up quickly.

11.  Middlesex Lounge

If you are looking for some of the best music mixes in town, then the Middlesex Lounge is a great choice. Located near Central Square, this party scene is more of a lounge than a full-fledged nightclub. It offers quality cocktails and amazing DJs, making it the perfect spot to dance the night away..

12.  Phoenix Landing

Phoenix Landing

The Phoenix Landing is a unique blend of a soccer pub and nightclub. Voted as one of “America’s Best Soccer Bars”, its evenings also feature local DJs. One of the perfect nightlife destinations where you can watch your favorite game, socialize and enjoy amazing music.

Concerts, Theaters, and Movies

Bars and nightclubs are not the only places where you can enjoy a night out in Boston. If loud music in dimly lit spaces doesn’t sound like an enjoyable time for you, then you may want to experience Boston’s outdoor night shows. Boston also isn’t without its fair share of movie theatres, making it possible to catch a late-night movie at a local theater.

Summertime Outdoor Theatres

The city comes alive during the pleasant summer evenings, with “Shakespeare On the Common” being by far the most popular outdoor theater event here during summertime. You do not have to be a diehard fan to enjoy this magical evening event. Bring a blanket and some snacks, and you are all set to relax and enjoy the show. 

Concerts at Rockland

Every year during the spring and summer months, the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion plays host to a number of concerts and live events. The popular venue offers an excellent view of the city lights making it a memorable and lasting experience.

Opera Theaters

If you’re longing to see an incredible performance, such as a Broadway musical or ballet, then spend your evening at The Boston Opera House. Conveniently located in the Theatre District of downtown Boston. The area has excellent dining options and is a great place for those looking for something to eat before the show

Making the Most of the Nightlife in Boston

We hope that our list provides exciting options for you to enjoy the nightlife in Boston, and to make the most of your time, we have some other helpful tips. Firstly, avoid walking back to where you’re staying by yourself, and instead opt for an Uber. Uber is an affordable option, especially if you’re staying in Central Boston. Secondly, do a little homework before you leave, and see what events will be featured while you’re here. If you find an event, make sure to book your tickets in advance. And lastly, glean info from bartenders because they can give excellent information about the local party scene that we haven’t mentioned.

Final Thoughts

Where you stay during your vacation can add immensely to your nightlife experience in any city. So, if you are traveling on a budget then opt for vacation rental accommodations rather than expensive hotels located far away from the city center; Here are some inexpensive things to do in MassachusettsPerfect to rent with friends and enjoy a home away from home. You can choose from a vast selection of vacation rentals, hotels, homestays on our platform Rental Trader. If you want to know more about these accommodations, visit our website and contact us with any questions you may have.

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