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Learn About Lodgify Vacation Rental Software: A Detailed Review

Lodgify Vacation Rental Software


Lodgify vacation rental software is an all-in-one solution for owners and property managers. It makes it easy for everyone to create their own vacation rental website and accept online bookings from guests, regardless of their level of technical skill. Lodgify simplifies reservation management by synchronizing data with various booking channels. It was created with both small business owners and large vacation rental enterprise managers in mind, and it has the right tools to simplify business management and increase online bookings.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental software then Lodgify can be a very good choice. In this article, we will discuss all about Lodgify vacation rental software.

Lodgify Features: All-In-One Vacation Rental Software

Lodgify vacation rental software offers some exclusive features, let’s discuss six main features of Lodgify:

1. Property Management Software –

The Property Management Software holds many functionalities, including:

Reservation System

The reservation system is a multi-calendar where you can look at all of your bookings in one place. Your bookings from your vacation rental website, plus all other channels, are displayed and synced automatically.

Plus, you can simultaneously block off dates on all channels, automate your rates, mark up your margins, and create individualized quotes for potential guests.

Guest Management

Set up 24/7 communication with automated messages and predefined email templates.

Users can also update their calendars, respond to guest inquiries, create new bookings and quotes, request payments, and oversee all reservations from their smartphones with the Lodgify Mobile app.

Task Management

Task Management Software for Vacation Rental

Schedule and automate tasks easily with Lodgify’s daily overview page.

Users can assign roles to various team members and set restrictions as to what certain members can see and do on the platform.


With Lodgify’s automation tools, you can minimize your workload by eliminating repetitive tasks. There are price management tools, the ability to automate emails with built-in templates, and users can even set up an automated check-in and check-out procedure.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports allow you to compare your bookings over time, giving you clear visual insights.

You can also account for all of your revenue and credit card payments, generate business reports, analyze website traffic, and more.

Reporting and Analytics for vacation rental software


The accounting module makes it simple to keep track of payments through statements.

Statements include financial information regarding payments, dates, recipients, values, and transfer status, and they’re updated automatically.

2. Airbnb Management Software

Airbnb Management: Lodgify Vacation Rental Software

Through Lodgify’s Airbnb Management Software, users can automate tasks, streamline communication with guests, and sync all external bookings and calendars.

Channel Manager

Within the Channel Manager, you’ll find an additional manager for Airbnb, as well as APIs for Homeaway, Vrbo, Expedia, and

Website Builder

The Website Builder is simple yet powerful and doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. All of Lodgify’s optimized and professional templates are mobile-friendly and feature an integrated booking engine, so guests can book their stay directly from your vacation rental website.

Booking System

A booking system is built seamlessly into every Lodgify vacation rental website. From the first day, you have your website up and running, you can instantly receive bookings and online payments.


Lodgify’s templates are created to increase vacation rental bookings. They feature plenty of space for high-quality photos that show off your vacation rental to potential guests, and users can customize color schemes and fonts.


Lodgify can be integrated with Airbnb, Homeaway, Vrbo,, Expedia, Revyoos, Chekin, Lynx, PriceLabs, Superhog, iCal, Zapier, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics.

3. Platforms

Lodgify can be accessed online or through Android and iPhone/iPad apps.

4. Users

Typical users of Lodgify are freelancers, small businesses, midsize businesses, and large enterprises. Lodgify is built to work with any vacation rental owner or manager, regardless of the size of their business.

5. Support

Support can be accessed through online FAQs, an online forum, a 24/7 live customer service representative, the email help desk, phone support, or through the online knowledge base or chat.

6. Training

Software Training

Training for Lodgify users consists of various documents, videos, and webinars, plus live online and in-person training.

Software Awards

In 2016, Lodgify received a “Special Kudos” from the CSS Design Awards. In 2021, it was named an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner for the third year in a row. Lodgify also has preferred and premier partnership status with Vrbo,, and Expedia.

Lodgify Vacation Rental Software Pricing Plan

Lodgify offers three different pricing plans depending on your usage and budget, this well-thought-out plan can be very beneficial for your vacation rental business also their package is very budget-friendly. Let’s learn about it:

Starter Plan – $13/month

The Lodgify pricing plan begins with a seven-day free trial. After that, prices start at $13 per month for one property when paid yearly. This plan is called the Starter Plan, and it includes:

  • Booking Fee of 1.9%  
  • Bookable Website
  • Property Management System
  • Channel Manager
  • Reservation & Payment System
  • Mobile App
  • Reservation Inbox
  • Scheduled Payments

Professional Plan – $38/month

The most popular Lodgify plan is the Professional Plan. It has some additional features and costs $38 per month for one property when paid yearly. In addition to everything the Starter Plan has, the Professional Plan has:

  • Booking Fee of 0%
  • Manual Payments
  • Damage Pre-Authorization
  • Custom Notifications

Ultimate Plan – $59/month

There’s a final tier to the pricing plan, which is the Ultimate Plan. This one costs $59 per month when paid yearly. Along with everything in the Starter Plan and Ultimate Plan, it also has:

  • Expanded Dashboard
  • Task Management
  • Accounting
  • Expense Reporting
  • Owner Reports
  • Owner Payments
  • Guest App
  • Priority Customer Support


Let’s say you have ten properties and want to pay on a monthly basis, rather than yearly. The Starter Plan would cost $56, the Professional Plan would cost $164, and the Ultimate Plan would cost $226. Or if you had 100 properties and wanted to pay monthly, prices would start at $127. The Professional Plan would be $965, and the Ultimate Plan would be $1313.

Feel free to check out Lodgify’s easy-to-use pricing tool and see what is software pricing. Lodgify has no set-up fees and no obligations.

What Makes Lodgify Stand Out?

What Makes Lodgify Software Stand Out

There are certain qualities of Lodgify vacation rental software that make it stand out among the rest of the software out there:

Pricing of Lodgify

The price of Lodgify vacation rental management software is a major advantage over other systems on the market. It costs much less than the majority of the other options available today and is considered #1 when it comes to value for money.


Lodgify software very easily manages your property management tasks, automating processes like booking, availability updates, and guest communications. As a result, this frees up your valuable time. It allows you to focus on enhancing guest experiences and growing your business.

Easy and Fast Setup Method

Lodgify offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, making the setup process swift and hassle-free. You can easily customize your website, property listings, and booking process without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Maximize Your Revenue

With the help of this vacation rental software, you can have dynamic pricing and integration with multiple booking platforms, Lodgify empowers you to optimize rates for different seasons and events. This feature allows you to make more money with your vacation rental, it ensures your properties are competitively priced.

Personalized Login

Lodgify can enhance your team efficiency as it can create personalized logins for various staff members, each with specific access levels. This will improve collaboration among staff members of different sectors.

Facility of Specific Permission

Based on their roles different members can access different sets of features from the software. For instance, housekeeping staff might have access to cleaning schedules and guest check-ins, while managers can oversee bookings and financial aspects.

These are all the kinds of benefits you get when you use a more expensive property management system, but with Lodgify, you get them for a much lower price.

Review of Lodgify Vacation Rental Software: Like & Dislike

Now let’s talk about what are the features which users like and dislike about Lodgify vacation rental software:

What Do Users Like About Lodgify?

On GetApp, Lodgify received 779 user reviews and earned 4.5 stars overall (out of 5). Most of the reviews are positive and most of the reviewers said they would recommend Lodgify to others. Compared to similar property management system options, Lodgify is #2 in functionality and #1 in overall ratings.

Users appreciate the seven-day free trial and affordable pricing compared to other industry options. The browser-based service is strong and stable. It makes it easy for rental owners and managers to create websites for their vacation rental properties and manage their reservations.

One review stated that they liked Lodgify’s “easy and detailed instructions and very quick implementation process.” Another said they quickly saw a large increase in their direct bookings, and that their guests love their new vacation rental website, which is basic but powerful. One reviewer stated that Lodgify has just about everything they need to successfully run their vacation rental business.

A five-star review stated, “I am super impressed with Lodgify. I purchased it to start managing our vacation rental home ourselves and it has been so impressive from the start.” They went on to say that they’d experienced a 40% increase in revenue in their first year since switching to Lodgify.

What Do Users Dislike About Lodgify?

One reviewer complained that every time potential guests send an inquiry about a property and the owner or manager responds with a quote, Lodgify automatically blocks off the dates. They also found some of the widgets slightly restrictive.

What Do Users Dislike About Lodgify

Another review noted that Lodgify had a lack of reporting functionalities that could potentially hold back larger businesses.

Some users based in the United States felt that Lodgify was only suited for Europeans. Since Lodgify is based in Spain, it seems some users were unable to get in touch with customer service unless they were willing to call in the middle of the night due to time differences.

Several reviews noted that the website builder seemed rudimentary to them and wished that Lodgify would allow for more advanced website building.

Multiple users complained of issues connecting with various channels, resulting in double bookings and lost revenue.

Final Thought

Lodgify vacation rental software is a great tool for property owners and managers. If you’re looking for software to maintain all your operations and enhance the guest experience then it will be a wise choice.

With tons of features available ranging from website building to channel management, Lodgify offers a comprehensive solution to simplify the critical works of vacation rental management. You can easily rely on Lodgify to optimize your property management and unlock the full potential of your vacation rental business.

Main Takeaways

  • Lodgify has six main features: property management software (which has many capabilities built-in), channel manager, website builder, booking system, templates, and integrations.
  • You can access Lodgify online or through mobile apps both Android and iOS.
  • Lodgify’s pricing starts with a seven-day free trial and begins as low as $13 per month. Its low prices are what makes it stand out in the industry amongst other property management system options.
  • Users like how simple, easy, and effective Lodgify has been for their businesses.
  • Some users report that various widgets can be restrictive, and Lodgify’s lack of reporting functionalities could potentially hold back growing businesses.
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