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How to Choose Vacation Rental Name (Expert Tips & Ideas)

Finally purchasing the ideal vacation rental property is a huge achievement that somehow, might make you feel like you’re back at square one. The marketing process begins, and it can be tough to navigate. Naming your property is the perfect place to start, giving your property a name will instantly make it distinctive and special. Besides, When you are setting Marketing Strategy for rental property, a quality brand is one of the most Considerable Factor. In this article, we’ve gathered the best advice around naming a vacation rental property, helping to make your job simpler.

Why Rental Brand Name Is So Important?

Vacations mean travel, money, and time. These are precious resources that customers willingly sacrifice for a valuable destination. By considering what makes your property worth traveling to, it’s easier to narrow down a distinctive feature that can be integrated into a name.

Your property doesn’t necessarily have to be a feat of architecture for this, you’re looking to identify something unusual and positive about your property. Are there war-time tunnels in the garden? Perhaps there’s a home-cinema or even a hot tub in the garden.

Are the views particularly special or is the property located in an unusual place? Anything distinctive will lend itself to the property’s identity and might well be part of a perfect name.

Why Brand Name Is So Important

You’re not looking to directly name yourself after a location here; for example, if you have a ski lodge in Altasch, Altasch Lodge will not excite a sense of curiosity. ‘Witch’s Rest’ however, sounds far more exciting and unusual and catches one’s eye. It also draws on an annual Witch’s ski race that takes place in Altasch in honor of a Swiss folktale.

By engaging with the surrounding culture and the locale of your property, naming your property can be educational and fun. Your name gives away the your vibes; check out the below slides to find out what is the best name for your property!

How to Choose Vacation Rental Name

Name that Creates Vibe

Any property can ooze character simply from an effective name. By establishing a ‘vibe’ or a mood from the get-go, you also benefit from customers feeling attuned to the property.

For example, if you’ve purchased a shepherd’s hut in the middle of the plains, you’re going to want to appeal to a pastoral cottage-core mood for customers seeking a countryside escape. A name that suits a cozy, warm mood would be effective here.

By contrast, a high-flying businessman might look for something to suit a more sleek, sophisticated mood opting for a property that sounds well-put-together from the beginning.

Establishing a mood within your property’s name will make your property stand out to your target customers, making it easier for them to resonate and connect with your property.

Name that Creates Vibe

Create a Story

No building is without a story. From the builders to the inhabitants, it’s probably more than likely that someone, somewhere along the line has a story to tell about the place. That someone could even be you!

Did you purchase the property on an incredible whim after scouring countless buildings? Did you visit the town the property is in as a child and accidentally overlooked it each time? By creating an effective story around your property, its identity feels tangible and can become a respected feature.

If you’re lucky enough to have acquired an older building, try tracing back previous inhabitants to see whether anyone extraordinary might have just lived there.

Is your home in Kansas City near the home of former President Truman? Then an appropriate name might be Truman Neighborhood Cottage. This naming technique is rather clever and draws attention to the nearby tourist site.

Use Cultural Context

Vacations are a way to escape from the known and delve into the unfamiliar. Capitalize on the fact that your guests will more than likely not have been to the local area and make them feel at home. A good way to do this is to work a bit of cultural context into the name of the property. This will help tie your property into the local community and help guests feel that bit more integrated and comfortable.

Use Cultural Context

Select a Name Based on Theme

Depending on exactly what type of vacation rental you have, a theme may well be useful. This is particularly the case if you’re targeting families and children. A theme is exciting and can provide parents with the ability to appeal to their children. A great place to start when deciding a theme is considering the destination.

A forest escape might seem that little bit more interesting with a ‘magical’ reference in its name. If your property is located near a theme-park or adventure ground why not reference this within the name of your property (while avoiding copyright infringement of course).

Using any adjectives that correspond with local attractions will help make your property seem relevant and interesting.


Naming your property can feel like a huge commitment, but it’s also a useful step in tailoring an identity and cementing your property’s place within its local environment. Marketing can be tough; a good name will help your property stand out from the crowd from the outset. We hope these tips have provided you with some inspiration for your vacation rental’s name. If you are struggling to get clients for your vacation rental property, list your property on the best rental traders.

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