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Vacation Rental Ideas (12 Simple Landscaping Upgrades)

12 Simple Landscaping Upgrades for Your Vacation Rental Property

Although it’s not as often discussed as your interior design, landscaping still plays a major role in your vacation rental’s overall appearance. In fact, it’s one of the very first things guests notice when they arrive on your property! When considering various tweaks and upgrades to your vacation rental property’s landscaping, remember to think long-term and low-maintenance. You don’t want your landscaping to require constant care to look great, and you don’t want to have to replace plants and other aspects of the landscaping each year. Below, find 12 simple landscaping upgrades that will take your vacation rental’s exterior appearance to a new level.

1.  Create a path for guests.

A path to the front door is always a wonderful addition to your landscaping. It adds a welcoming feel to the entranceway, especially if you’ve recently touched up the area with a fresh coat of paint and some potted plants. You can get creative with your path, using mulch, gravel, metal or brick edging, sandstone, wood, stepping stones–the options are endless! A unique walkway to the front door of your vacation rental property is sure to leave an impression and be a memorable part of your landscaping for your guests.

2.  Install an automatic irrigation system.

Although the installation of an automatic irrigation system might not be simple, it will make the upkeep and maintenance of your lawn and landscaping much easier once installed. You can program an automatic irrigation system to release certain amounts of water to specific areas of your lawn. Therefore, it can water all of your plants on schedule. This can lead to less stress and more efficiency for you, and you won’t have to rely on staff to care for plants and the lawn. Plus, an automatic irrigation system can save you water, money, and time.

3.  Choose native plants and trees.

Choose native plants and trees

Choosing native plants and trees is a great idea for vacation rental properties. Plants that are native to the area are easier to maintain and keep alive because they’re meant to live in that specific environment. Plus, selecting local plants and trees can even restore the health and function of the local ecosystem. This is important for vacation rental properties because it keeps them more authentic to the local area. When people travel and stay at your vacation rental, they’re hoping to be immersed in local culture, so local plants can definitely help with that. You can check out the Native Plants Finder to identify the best trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses to plant at your vacation rental property.

4.  Make it pet-friendly.

If you have a pet-friendly rental property, then setting up a fenced-in area for dogs to do their business is sure to be appreciated by your guests. But there are also other changes you can make to your landscaping to ensure the safety of your guests’ furry friends. For example, some common plants contain toxins and can be dangerous if consumed by animals. A few of these include lilies, azalea, and English ivy. You can check out a more comprehensive list of plants that are poisonous to pets here.

Aside from avoiding the plants mentioned above, try to choose safe materials for your landscaping. This means avoiding small pebbles, which dogs might eat, and choosing materials that don’t get too hot and can burn their paws during the summer months. If you can also provide some form of water source that enables pets to stay hydrated when spending time outdoors, that’s also a plus and can be an eye-catching addition to your landscaping!

5.  Add a patio.

A patio is a form of hardscaping, which refers to removing plants and replacing them with a hard surface. Hardscaping is often an excellent choice for vacation rentals because it cuts back on the amount of maintenance required to keep the outdoor area looking nice. If you put in a patio as a landscaping upgrade, don’t forget to spruce it up and make it an inviting place for your guests to spend time together.

Add a patio

This can be as simple as providing practical yet comfortable seating, lighting the area with solar landscape lights, and adding a large umbrella for shade on particularly sunny days. A patio is perfect for lounging outside and sipping on coffee in the morning or simply sitting and appreciating the surrounding nature. It provides an area where guests can come together and enjoy one another’s company.

6.  Include outdoor storage.

Outdoor storage is a great landscaping upgrade. A nice shed or another form of storage gives you a space to keep all your lawn and landscaping maintenance tools. It can also serve as a space for you to store any of your personal belongings, so that guests don’t come across them inside of the vacation rental property.

7.  Add shrubs for privacy.

Well-placed shrubs are a great addition to your landscaping because they can make the space feel much more private and intimate. Plus, this landscaping upgrade benefits both you and your neighbors, since your neighbors probably don’t want to constantly see new guests out and about outside. Vacation rental guests are often concerned about whether they’ll have sufficient privacy, and a few shrubs can offer that for them.

8.  Blend flowers and greenery.

An easy way to add visual interest to your landscaping is to use various types of flowers and greenery. Select plants that are simple to grow and maintain and don’t require too much TLC. Flowers in contrasting colors paired with lush greenery are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space and can be a great photo op, both for your listing and for your guests to take advantage of.

9.  Choose new mulch.

Some fresh mulch for your landscaping is a simple way to refresh the look of your outdoor space. Plus, there are so many different types of mulch to choose from, with countless materials and colors. Wood chips, straw, cocoa chips, and grass clippings are all organic mulch options. Meanwhile, you can consider inorganic options like landscape plastic as well.

10.  Consider a birdbath.

Consider a birdbath

A birdbath can be a lovely addition to your vacation rental property’s landscaping, but be sure to consider the pros and cons before getting one. This is because birdbaths do require some extra maintenance. The water needs to be taken out and replaced regularly. A stagnant pool of water will soon be filled with bird droppings, and there’s a risk of algae, mold, bacteria, and mosquitoes building up as well. However, switching out the water in the birdbath is pretty quick and easy, and if you have a landscaping service that comes by already, then this task is simple enough to add on to their duties. A well-maintained birdbath is fun to watch and enables your vacation rental guests to observe the local bird species. It makes for a more immersive nature experience overall.

11.  Conceal your AC unit.

An air conditioning unit can be an eyesore, so why not conceal it with some creative landscaping? All you need are a few strategically-placed plants. The biggest rule to remember is to keep the plants at least two or three feet away from the air conditioning unit. Otherwise, it won’t function as efficiently, and it might even require more repairs. However, when placed far enough away, plants can actually benefit your AC unit.

For example, you can provide shade to your AC unit using shrubs, hedges, or trees. You can even create a windbreak using evergreen plants in order to protect it from inclement weather. Of course, you can choose to use potted plants if you’re looking for a less permanent addition to your landscaping.

There are also other ways to hide your air conditioning unit without planting trees or using potted plants. A trellis, screen, or lattice box can also hide your unit. Plus, you can paint these or even add some vines to grow on them. This makes for a visually appealing yet extremely low-maintenance way to conceal the eyesore.

12.  Hide the hose.

Hide the hose

Along with concealing your AC unit, you might also want to hide your hose. You can buy a decorative hose holder like a storage pot; they come in a huge variety of shapes, materials, and colors, so you’re sure to find something that meshes well with your existing landscaping. Other options include a hose hook or even a storage bench that can hold the hose as well as various gardening tools.

Main Takeaways

Looking to upgrade the landscaping at your vacation rental property? Here are 12 ideas to consider:

  1. Create a path for guests that leads to your vacation rental’s entrance.
  2. Install an automatic irrigation system for easy upkeep of plants.
  3. Choose native plants and trees that will thrive in the local environment.
  4. Make it pet-friendly by avoiding potentially poisonous plants.
  5. Add a patio or other hardscaping to cut back on maintenance.
  6. Include outdoor storage like a shed for your personal belongings.
  7. Add shrubs for privacy, benefitting your guests and your neighbors.
  8. Blend flowers and greenery for a visually appealing display.
  9. Choose new mulch to refresh the look of your landscaping.
  10. Consider a birdbath to make it easy for guests to observe local wildlife.
  11. Conceal your AC unit with well-placed shrubs and trees.
  12. Hide the hose with a decorative storage container.
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