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Do you have a property or vacation home near getaway destinations in the U.S.? Earn additional income by turning it into comfortable rental home and vacation property! Not only are you utilizing your property and earning from it, but you’re also providing affordable, comfortable lodging options for budget-conscious travelers.

Come and list your vacation property here at Rental Trader! Our platform lets you showcase your property to a wide range of prospective tourists and clients – all for free! (restrictions apply)

Boost Your Earnings by Becoming a Rental Trader Host

Enjoy easier bookings, secured transactions, and more profits by becoming a Rental Trader host! List your properties on our secured platform – it’s really simple, quick, and safe. We do not charge fees for listing your rental homes, so you’ll generate more revenue when you list your properties on larger hosting sites and increase your vacation rental bookings.

Why List Your Properties on Rental Trader?

Simple, safe, and cost-effective. These three words sum up the reasons why you should list your vacation homes on Rental Trader! But to be more specific, here are the reasons to choose Rental Trader above other listing sites:

Easy Process to List Properties

You can start listing your properties on Rental Trader after completing a quick sign-up process. Once your profile is up, you can start adding your properties – its photos, descriptions, rates, and other details – right away!

Full Control of Your Rental Business

Rental Trader allows you to take full control of your rental property business. Set your prices and availability through the customizable calendar feature. Outline your house rules, the maximum number of guests, and the minimum length of stay as well.

We can also help you set your rates depending on your amenities and area demand if you’re unsure about pricing your properties.

Hosting Insurance for Each Booked Property

Worried about your home or property’s safety? Don’t be! Rental Trader provides property insurance every time your rental home gets booked. The insurance covers potential accidents and protection from property damages. Say goodbye to those anxieties for good!

Set Your Own Terms for Maximum Security

Set Your Own Terms for Maximum Security

Apart from the insurance, Rental Trader allows you to set stringent requirements for travelers who will be staying at your properties. Present your own house rules, require government IDs before finalizing bookings, and interact with your potential guests even before they book your vacation homes. Chat with your guests or communicate with them via email or phone.

Easy Steps to Become a Rental Trader Vacation Home Host

Hosting guests through Rental Trader is easy and quick! Just follow these three steps:

  1. Set-up a Manager account by signing up for Rental Trader.
  2. Verify and access your account.
  3. Start listing properties for free!

Rental Trader customers can then browse and see your properties after they’ve gone live. You can start accepting inquiries and reservations right away!

Get Your Payments Quickly

Rental Trader takes care of invoicing your customers accordingly. You can get your payments quickly through different payment options such as direct deposit or PayPal. We facilitate your payments timely so that you’ll have time to grow your rental business instead of stressing out over your financial exchanges.

Sign Up for Rental Trader Now!

Rental Trader is your trusted rental property business partner, so sign up now and get your properties listed for everyone to see! We offer an easy-to-use platform, customizable terms for your properties, booking insurance, and quick payment methods to help grow your rental business steadily!

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